I am so delighted with my hello day planner. It's just the most well thought out diary you've ever seen. Planning pages, inspirational quotes, reminders to drink water and work out and pray! It almost feels like it was made for me. It's helped me so much and I don't think 5 stars quite sums up how happy I am. Thank you!

– Mrs H. from United Kingdom


This planner is an absolute gem. Everything about it screams style, positivity and organisation. The packaging is gorgeous and reusable, the box the planner came in is beautiful. I have used it every day so far and love how it allows me to reflect on my day and set mini goals before it begins. It really helps me to tick off those small little jobs that can end up piling up in no time. It's very satisfying to tick them off! I also really love the little positive print outs that are scattered throughout - nice touch.

– Rachael P. from United Kingdom


This is by far the best planner I have ever owned!! Stylish, perfect size, and full of great sections to keep my life in track! Design is beautiful, and love the inspirational quotes. Can't wait for 2018... :heart:

– Hannah G. from United Kingdom


Absolutely beautiful. I've never spent so much on a planner but it's worth it. Love the positive quotes the layout is great and looks beautiful. It makes me take 10/30 minutes out to achieve something for me everyday which I wouldn't ever do but as I've written it down in the morning it makes me want to tick it off. Thanks stunning x

– Lara G. from United Kingdom


I'm in love with my planner. I know it's only day 3, but it has already caused me to be much more productive than I normally would just because I want to tick those boxes, and cross things off my to do lists! This is exactly what I needed to help me organize my life and get the most I can out of each day of 2017. In addition to being a huge life motivator, it is so beautiful, and it makes me feel like a true grown-up who has her shit together; I feel so stylish and powerful each time I pull it out of my bag!

– Kelsey from Wichita, Kansas, USA

 ★★★★★  LIFE SAVER!

What a gorgeous planner that is fashionably practical in every way. Having suffered with Dyspraxia since childhood, I have always struggled with organisation and planning. The life of a professional classical singer and vocal tutor can be hectic to say the least and my Hello Day planner has already changed the way I achieve daily tasks and the way I work which is such an incredible feeling! Thank you so much for creating such a life changing, thoughtful and inspiring product. Phoebe x

– Phoebe E. from United Kingdom

★★★★★  HAPPY DAY!

Me encanta mi nueva agenda! Siempre necesito una para mi día a día y hace un par de años que no uso por no acabarme de agradar ninguna en especial. Esta navidad me han regalado esta Hello Day Planner Carrera y me encanta, tanto su diseño como su contenido. Tiene todo lo que necesito, hasta saber cuanto deporte he hecho ese día o cuanta agua he bebido! Buenísima idea! No obstante, lo que es más importante y que me ha gustado más es que no es una agenda normal, sino una reflexión diaria para mi misma. ¡Gracias!

– Andrea from Barcelona, Spain


I'm loving my planner so far, have been looking forward to using it as soon as it turned up. I was really impressed with the fast shipping and the great service, especially for way down here in NZ :) only one this I would like to see changed is it would be really useful to have a pen holder, with such a beautiful planner I like to use my good pen but don't want it getting lost in my handbag. Will definitely buy one again next year though.

– Amy from Manawatu, New Zealand


I spent a LOT of time researching planners (read: hours of YouTube videos and scouring the internet) before I decided to purchase the Hello Day planner. I am convinced that it is the best out there: the most versatile, functional, and beautiful day planner available. It sports high quality paper and a truly functional layout that will help you achieve your goals throughout the year. Each month features goal setting pages with spaces for weekly tasks. The daily pages include BOTH an agenda (you can set this up as hourly, as it is lined, or use the general "AM/PM/EVE" boundaries included) and a long space for a general to do list, which is great for people like me, whose days have few appointments but plenty of tasks. They also have a space for top 3, gratitude, and any birthdays/holidays to remember. You can also use the daily page to track wellness elements (water, exercise, prayer, etc), which I am tracking as well so I really adore how all encompassing the page is. Plus they have selected truly inspirational quotes for each day- these are not cheesy one liners, but really intelligent thinkers' thoughts and comments. The spiral accommodates other planner accessories- I easily snapped in some Erin Condren accessories to this coil. That being said, I hope Hello Day starts making compatible accessories of their own, as this planner is truly beautiful and I would buy them all. Thank you for making a planner that is just as beautiful as it is functional. I am in love with mine.

– Kristen from New York, USA 


Love it, its the perfect day planner to get myself and my business in order and moving forward. Only wish I had purchased it earlier. Thank you!

– Grainne A. from United Kingdom


The Hello Day planner is exactly what I have been looking for - a great combination of daily appointment tracking along with the personal items like hydration, exercise, prayer/meditation AND meal planning. I like that I can use this as a personal planner but it is also appropriate for my desk at work - it has a professional appearance. I will most definitely be back next year to purchase again. The only thing I would like to see is a few more lined blank pages in the back for notes. Other than that....I'm happy!

– Karrie M. from United States


The ethos of the Hello Day brand is not just about planning each day or week, although the individual day pages facilitate that very well. It's also about setting goals in a structured and realistic way that is somehow also inspiring and exciting! The monthly goals pages are set out brilliantly and are really helping me work out the month. The monthly overview calendars are a good size, as is each individual day. I like the ample room for morning, afternoon and evening as well as a useful big to-do list. It's not too prescriptive and allows for flexibility. In terms of design, the layout is clean and simple and I personally enjoy the monochrome pages. Of course you're free to decorate the monthly overview but it feels stylish and a grown-up planner. The cover and binding is beautiful and so far I've been keeping it in its lovely box. Each day it has been a pleasure to get it out of the box and I don't think that feeling is going to wear off any time soon! I'm not one for motivational quotes but the ones included are unobtrusive and something nice to read if you want to. It doesn't take away from the overall design of each page. The full page quotes are actually lovely and simple like 'Start today'. The only thing I'm not sure about is the tick boxes for water, pray/mediate etc. In those places I'd rather have generic icons that could mean different things to different people depending on their own priorities (e.g meds to take, exercise etc.)

– Hannah Leinster from Birmingham, United Kingdom

★★★★★  LOVE IT!!

Looks beautiful and has totally inspired me to start this year well. I've never been so organised - and rested! I was always a list kinda gal but I never realised how much I carried in my head! Thank you Hello Day I am a BIG fan!

– Jules L. from United Kingdom


I've had so many people ask me where I got my beautiful planner from!! It's a great size, fantastic quality and I can't rate it highly enough. One little suggestion would be to have a clip out ruler or book mark so you can go straight to where you left off and extra note pages :) I can't wait for the 2018 version, it's going straight on my Christmas list!!

– Corrie M. from United Kingdom

★★★★★  HELLO DAY

I am in love with my new planner! I look forward to using it each day and especially love the thoughtful quotes for each day and that heathy living is encouraged throughout. It is just gorgeous, too.

– Jessica from St. Louis, Missouri, USA


This planner exceeded my expectations, not only does it satisfy my crazy list making, it prompts me to think about where my head is. Can’t wait for the 2018 planner to launch!

- Sarah B. from United Kingdom


Since purchasing a Hello Day planner and getting organized for the New Year, I am thrilled to report it was everything (and more!) that I was looking for. Not only an efficiently organized planner, but the extra incorporated segments have really been very well thought out and implemented. I think it's crucial to set daily intentional goals as well as reflect on them in order to succeed. I also appreciate the added focus on personal growth: nutrition, prayer, training, etc. As an athlete and a women who is very introspective and leans toward growth, it's exciting to have my professional world and personal goals mesh!

– Dannielle Alphonse at from Chicago, USA


I love it love it love it !!!! My friend saw it and she wants one so I'm going to order another one!

– Mel Anderson from United Kingdom


I am so delighted with my hello day planner. It's just the most well thought out diary you've ever seen. Planning pages, inspirational quotes, reminders to drink water and work out and pray! It almost feels like it was made for me. It's helped me so much and I don't think 5 stars quite sums up how happy I am. Thank you!

- Mrs H. from United Kingdom