How to Stand Out at the Office

How to Stand Out at the Office

March 11, 2019

At Hello Day we know how dull an office environment can seem with its monotonous, generic schedulers, notepads, folders & pens. For those who want to inject some style in our work and stand out of the crowd, Hello Day has a whole range of seriously stylish stationery.

Just seeing and using such classy products brings a smile to the face and an air of satisfaction - not to mention compliments from colleagues and in meetings.

So if you’re in the mood to inject some style into your work life, take a look at our main suggestions:

For Meetings: Luxury Meeting Notes Folder & Brass Hexagon Pen

Luxury Meeting Notes Folder


Make an impression in every meeting you go to with the luxury meeting notes folder and brass hexagon pen.

Luxury Meeting Notes Folder

Hexagon Brass Pen 




 For the Desk: Marble Desk Notepad & Marble Note Block

Hello Day Note Pads


 Post it notes can be handy, but we dare you not to fall in love with these note-taking beauties.

Italian Marble Desk Note Pad - White Carrara and Black Marquina

Marble Note Block 


 For Planning and Staying Organised: Spiral or Chic Planner

Boho and Chic Planner






Did you hear that paper is back? Digital diaries are old news. If you want to really stay focused and productive, you need a proper planner to keep you on track.

So are you more or a Spiral or a Chic?

Check out the full range


For Note Taking on the Go: Everyday Journal or Chic Journal

Hello Day Journal


For taking notes when on the go - small and light enough to fit in a small bag - perhaps with a lovely leather Hello Day Pencil case holding your beautiful brass pen and gold dipped pencils?

Everyday Journal

Chic Journal



So what do you think? Could your work environment use an injection fo style?