Hello Day Rockstars

Name: Sam Richardson
Occupation: Insurance Broker
Home Town: Bristol
Planner: Petite Smudge, Chic and Sakana.

What's your favourite thing about your Hello Day planner?
My favourite thing about my planner is the monthly goal planning, I like to review at the end of the month and see if I have achieved everything I had wanted to, I also like the quotes and daily affirmations as they make me really think at the start of the day.
Do you think your planner has helped you? If so, in what way?
Yes it has, now I make time to plan and be more organised, because it's a pleasure to use my planner, so I feel more focused and really enjoy my Sunday hour where I plan my week.
Any suggestions on how you use your planner and how you could suggest others use certain pages of their planner?
I just enjoy the structure of the page, I do use the left daily lined section to write my daily meal and exercise plan, as I am following a weight loss routine I like to keep a record of my food points.
What makes you happy?
Spending time with my family and dog, cooking, a good book and an old favourite film.
What is your guilty pleasure?
How do you like to spend your valuable ‘me’ time?
Reading and writing in my journal
What book or podcast would you recommend and why?
I enjoy Happy Place with Fearne Cotton, I am interested in her outlook on life and she has interesting guests.
What is your proudest achievement in recent years? 
I have in the last 12 months lost just over 2 stone and managed to keep it off, the reason I would mention this as my proudest achievement is that not only has it had health and fitness benefits, but feel that it has changed my view on myself as a person, making me feel more confident, not just in the way I look but that I can achieve something that really is just about and for me.
What's your one pearl of wisdom for everyone else out there?
Be true to who you are, and treat others how you wish to be treated.
Also a quick shout out to the HD Wall Planner as it truly is a godsend, I have stickers for my son and partner so we all know what's going on!!
Thank you so much for being our first Rockstar in the Spotlight! So very grateful for you and your love of Hello Day! And so very proud of you and your achievements and sharing them with us. You inspire us!
xx Kirsten 
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