April 06, 2020

It is no secret that I love Tropicalistic Coastally Palmic scenes and ambiances.


I totally made ups those words, they don’t exist in real life, but they do exist in my own head :). If you are a Hello Day groupie, you might have noticed they also derive from planner names.

We have moved so many times and as much as I try to redecorate and change my decor every time we move, the new styles just don’t last. I am a true Tropicalistic Coastally Palmic type of girl. If I could choose my favourite type of clothing, it would be long sun dresses. If I could choose my favourite type of shoe, it would be a chic sandal or flip flop. I love so many different types of interiors but walking into a place that reminds me of summer and sunshine makes me extremely happy. Oh and music too. I go to my happy place in my daydreams when I hear a song that reminds me of a sunny beach.

So as we try to start putting effort into our home decor, there are two spots in the house where I want to put a tropical wallpaper. One will be the tiny bathroom in the loft area where the office/packing area is for Hello Day. For that spot, I will be using the leftover wallpaper that I have often used at the trade shows we have exhibited at. So may people ask me where it’s from, so I will tag below.
The second spot will be behind our bed, which I am so excited about! Our room hasn’t changed since we moved in! So I can’t wait to change the entire room! We have been living with old and dusty dark blue carpets for too long! And our bedroom is the most neglected room in the house apart from the basement. So It is definitely time for a makeover! This is what happens when you commit yourself 150% to your businesses and ignore your own living space. But it is time people! It is about flippin’ TIME!

So the major question is... which one should go behind my bed? Can you help me? Let me know your favourite from the ones below? 


This is the one I have used in the shows
and will use in my tiny loft bathroom.







Tropical Wallpaper Hello Day



Majestic elephants in their habitat ?

Hello Day elephant palm tropic




Hello Day Cole and Son Rockett St George



Pricey but just sooo dreamy!

Ananbo NICOBAR BRONZE SÉPIA Hello Day Tropical Wallpaper



Elegant Cranes ?

Eleanor Bowmer Wallpaper Hello Day Birds 



Airy & Light Cranes ?

Wayfair Brambley Cottage Windsong Crane Hello Day


I love them all and I am not good at narrowing down.

I need your help! Which one is your fav?

Let me know in the comments below. 

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