Brass Care

Here at Hello Day, we love Brass!!
We have brass pens, brass rulers, brass bolts on our Marble Desk Notepads... and I'm sure there's more to come.
However, the thing with brass is that it refuses to keep up its good looks without a a little TLC.
In other words, it tarnishes. There's no way around it unfortunately. 
So we want to provide you with a couple of useful hints and products which Hello Day uses at the office to keep our brass looking shiny all year round.
The first product we use is Magic Touch Mitts. If you can use these fairly regularly, you can prevent your products from becoming tarnished.
The other product is Brasso, which is great for when your brass has become tarnished and you want to give it a real good clean, back to its original look and feel. 
You can find these products online or in your local hardware shops, and for us they're must-haves to keep your brass looking beautiful :)