Survey FAQs

Below are the answers to some commonly asked questions form the survey:

** Remember, this was only referring to the Daily Planner Original. We also have a Daily Planner Minimal and a Chic Weekly Planner in a 'dated' or 'undated' version. 

1. Page Marker/Bookmark

The answer is YES! We have one! We have a clip-in bookmark that clips in and out of the spiral. Shop for your bookmark here

We also have Jumbo Paper Clips that can also be used as Page Markers. (I use both the Book Mark above and the Paper Clips to keep all of my pages marked. 

2. Personalisation

YES! We introduced it last November. You were able to get your initials or a monogram on the cover of your planner. It was a separate product on the website, look here. It was also mentioned in the description of each planner product page.

3. 2018 Yearly Spread (pg 6 & 7)

My suggestion - you keep this page marked with a Jumbo Paper Clip so that you can always flip back to it.

Many of you are fans of this spread - YAY!  But if you are not sure what you can use it for, here are some suggestions from the crowd: Holiday Planning, Deadlines, Birthdays/Anniversaries, Budgeting, Important Dates, Doctor Appointments, Wedding Planning, Goals for the Year, Renewal Dates, to see all Monthly Goals together, Children's activities, etc

4. Weekly Schedule (pg 8)

My suggestion - another one to keep marked with a Jumbo Paper Clip if you find yourself using this page a lot. 

This is perfect for people who have shift schedules: Teachers, Nurses, Hospitality, Retail, etc.

Routine: Exercise - cardio every Mon, Wed, Fri & weights on Tue, Thurs, Sat.;  Trying to set routine in your life of an ideal week: wake up, do yoga, read inspo, shower, etc.

Other Uses: Children's Weekly Activities, Household Tasks/Chores, Social media Routine, Meal Planning, things that are similar every week, etc.

5. Weekly View (pg 14 - these pop up every week throughout the entire planner)

This is a new addition this year. 89% of you say to keep it and you find it useful. Here are suggestions of what others have used it for: Pre-planning the week on a Sunday, Overview of the Week, Food Planning, Exercise schedule that week, Social Media Schedule, etc.

6. Daily Page 

This seems to be very popular with most of you, as is. But of course, all of your are different and will use the page to suit your own life. Some of you have been using this planner for 2 years and some for the first year.

Affirmations: In 2017, we had 'I am grateful for' everyday, but we switched it up this year - many people said that it was difficult for them to think of something everyday. This year, the variety of affirmations is a good option to appreciate your day and yourself in a different light everyday. I really do encourage you to do these affirmations if you aren't doing it. Even if you repeat the same things over, it is good to drill positivity into your head. If you talk highly about yourself and others, you will believe these things. See the beauty in YOU and see the beauty in others, and see the beauty in your everyday, be thankful for the things we do have and not the thing we don't have. 

Meal Planning - last year the notes section had this title, but this year I have left the notes section open for you to use it however you wish. And the otes section has more space this year, to allow you the freedom of doing your own daily meal plan or daily exercise, etc.

Minimal Planner - did you know that this one doesnt have any of these prompts that the Original Planner has? Take a look here ...

Hello Day Original vs Minimal

For those of you looking for more space and something a little bit more simple - please take a moment to look at the Minimal Planners.

7. Common Issues Brought Up

Writing on the left page - Wire Binding gets in the way. Best solution - fold the planner back so that you have the left page facing you alone, and then it will be easier to write on it - try it, it works really well! 

More note space. Again, for more daily note space, please check out the Minimal Planner - it has more space to write on everyday. And for overall note space, you might have noticed I added more note pages to the back of the planner this time, but unfortunately I can't add much more without deleting other pages as well because then the planner will just get thicker and thicker. I went to the maximum thickness this time without going a step up in the binding. The next binding size up was huge! But I will try to figure it out. Maybe adding little booklets to the stationery range that you can fit into the pockets ... we shall see.

Yearly Goal Planning. I will be adding yearly goal planning in the next planner. It will be at the beginning of the planner. Many people have asked for it and I agree, I think it should be there. 

Budget. I have not yet decided how it will look, but I am hoping to try and fulfil some of your needs for that. It will most likely be a one page at the beginning of the planner to sort out your yearly budgeting/expenses. 

Too big. I understand that many of you think the planner is too big. But funnily enough I get requests to make it bigger to an A4 size - which I have to admit I kind of want myself sometimes, but that's because mine stays on my desk everyday. And I know that most of you who take it in your bag everyday would like something smaller. I am hoping to bring out something smaller next time, fingers crossed. I can only bring out so many different kinds a year, in hopes to please the masses and in hope that people will buy the different options available. 



There is so much more to talk about and comment on, but it is impossible to get through everything, but trust me, I have my own notes of all the stuff you brought up. I will be making more changes that I haven't mentioned, or at least look into making them - everything is an expense for a small business, but I am trying my best! I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me your honest opinion about Hello Day. If you have anymore to add, thoughts are ALWAYS welcome! Pretty pleeeeease email me with your ideas - it is the only way I will know.

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