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Inspirational Podcasts by Inspirational Women

Inspirational Podcasts by Inspirational Women

June 22, 2020

I love listening to inspirational podcasts and audio books. I look forward to spending some time alone each day upstairs in our converted attic (AKA Hello Day HQ), packing orders, folding tissue, or doing any other activity which gives me the chance to put on one of my favourite podcasts. I love listening to the stories of other people’s life journeys, their struggles and successes, and especially what lessons and encouragement we can take from them. They are a great way to lift your mood if you are having a bad day and can often help to put your worries into perspective or shine a new light on them.

Nowadays the amount of amazing content at our fingertips is incredible - and so much is for free, we are really spoiled for choice. I know it can be hard to find podcasts you really enjoy and can subscribe to, so I thought I would put some personal recommendations in a blog. These are podcasts that inspire me and inform me, as a woman and as a business owner. I hope some of you can enjoy them.


1. The Melissa Ambrosini Show

My TOP FAV! If you have followed me for a while, you will have heard me mention her - Melissa Ambrosini is an Australian bestselling author and speaker. She also makes her podcast the Melisssa Ambrosini show. I love it and it always makes me feel positive and motivated. As well as having an inspirational personal journey and a truly open, positive message about life, Melissa hosts some incredible guests who are always interesting and enjoyable to listen to. I can also recommend her books/audiobooks ‘Mastering Your Mean Girl’ and ‘Open wide’. If I am having a bad day, I turn on a Melissa podcast and I will instantly feel better :)



2. How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

Recommended by my Hello Day customer, Naomi, this has become one of my recent faves! If you’re the kind of person who beats themselves up about making mistakes (guilty!), or is afraid to make mistakes to the point of it holding you back from taking action, this podcast could be for you. Elizabeth is a great interviewer and this series celebrates the things that haven’t gone right on people’s paths to success. She interviews some fascinating people.



3. The Marie Forleo Podcast

Marie Forleo is someone I came across a few years ago when I heard about her B School program. So many successful people I came across online had taken her program and swore by it. Oprah named her a thought leader for the next generation and when you listen to her and watch her content you can see why. She is so passionate about growing others personally and professionally. She also has incredibly interesting guests, and it is a little more business focussed than the Melissa Ambrosini Show but is equally as inspirational and positive.



4. Beyond the Business Suit

Recommended by a friend from home in the states, this podcast leaves you feeling full of energy and feeling empowered after listening.  If you are feeling discouraged, turn this on and feel lifted! She brings on successful women that are filled with good and challenging experiences in their working world and share their advice. Everything is so relevant and she always seems to ask her guests the right questions. As a business owner, Kailei and her podcast totally pick me up!




5. First & Foremost - Jen Wille

I’m so thankful to have met Jen on Instagram a few years back along with a whole group of amazing women I now call my friends. You might have seen some of Jen’s quotes in your Hello Day planners over the last couple of years, as she is a coach and all-round inspiration. Her topics are relatable and insightful and her own personal journey is so inspirational, it is actually something she is writing about at the moment in a memoir, and I cannot wait to read it!    



6. Put Yourself First - Kat Horrocks

Manchester-based Kat (local to me) is a life coach and self-care enthusiast. As well as working with women in person she also creates her blog and weekly podcast. She’s all about empowering women to make time for our goals and putting ourselves first. If you’re looking for an inspirational podcast to start off the week on a Monday, this could be the one for you. She discusses everything and anything with a great variety of ‘badd ass’ women guests.



7. Let’s Talk Shop - Small Business Collaborative

Small Biz Owners - this one is for you! I wanted to give a shout out to Therese from the Small Business Collaborative. If you run a company in retail and are interested in getting into wholesale, then Therese has all the expertise. We have worked with her in the past and she also creates the weekly ‘Let’s Talk Shop’ podcast which is aimed at the small business owner and creative entrepreneur. She offers invaluable insight and speaks with small business owners from a wide variety of sectors about their stories and experiences.



8. The Practice of Living as we Intend - Be You & Thrive

Another beauty inside and out that I met on Instagram years ago, and now a sweet friend of mine who I have not met yet in person but I respect tremendously for the leader that she is. She radiates with positivity, love and inspiration. The type of person you wan to be around all the time. And you feel this way when you listen to her podcasts. She is deep in thought and big in heart. She helps you to see the better you, and to thrive in your own beauty.



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