8 Ways to Get into the Mood for Autumn

8 Ways to Get into the Mood for Autumn

October 18, 2020

All my life my favourite season has been Autumn - or Fall, that's how I say it, and how we say it state-side. I love everything about it - the amazing colours on the trees, the falling leaves, the crisp chill in the air, squash, pumpkins and spiced lattes…everything about it makes me happy and brings me joy.

Growing up in Washington DC, you were always really ready for Fall to start, because you really get four distinct seasons there, and the summers are extremely hot and humid! By the time late September rolls round you are well and truly ready to welcome in the Fall. Here in the UK it’s a ‘little’ different, as usually we’re clinging onto the hopes of an Indian summer for as long as feasibly possible. 

That said, this year, around mid-September I was already saying to Dave that I was feeling ready for Fall. Once our 2021 Planner launch was out the way (phew!!), I wasted no time getting into the kitchen, classical music on, to make my first batch of pumpkin bread - That’s the sign in the Wilson household that Autumn has well and truly arrived. I’ve now made three batches over the past few weekends, and shared them out amongst the neighbours - that’s just the American in me :). They love it! So I must provide! It is my duty as the token American neighbour :).

If you need a little nudge to get yourself into the Autumn spirit, why not try baking yourself up a batch and sharing it around? I’ve put the recipe below (I got many requests on Instagram), along with a few other suggestions that may help…

You’ll see from some included photos that we’ve recently enjoyed some of these suggestions ourselves…



1. Go for a countryside drive where you can appreciate the trees and have a nice pub lunch.

2. Get away for the weekend, go explore nature and breathe.

3. Go for a walk and enjoy the changing leaves.


4. Go pumpkin picking at a local pumpkin patch and carve them at home.

5. Drink some spiced wine or hot chocolate outside under a blanket. (Or inside on the sofa when it is raining haha).

6. Go for a run on a sunny Fall day, or a rainy day will do! 

7. Buy yourself a Fall wreath for your front door.

This wreath was made by my favourite flower shop in Didsbury, Manchester, The Flower Lounge @flower_lounge


And last but not least...

8. Bake yourself a batch of delicious pumpkin bread.

And then share it with your neighbours! It can be your 'Act of Kindness' for the month.  Depending on taste and food intolerances, we usually add chocolate chips and pecan nuts. You can also alter the recipe to make it dairy free by using coconut oil.

The substitutes I usually do are: Whole Meal flour; a mix of coconut oil and Kerrygold Butter instead of vegetable oil; not all the water, sometimes only 1/3 cup of water or none, 2 cups of brown sugar instead of 3 cups of white; and very importantly, I pretty much double up on all the spices, and I grate fresh nutmeg rather than powder.

And it's a big recipe that makes loads, but you can cut the recipe in half if you need to, which I often do if I am not making it for other people. 

Here's the recipe I have used for years ...

Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread

Oh! And where it calls for Pumpkin Puree - It is not as common to find that in the UK as it is in UK/Europe, so I have had to make my own for the past 14 years, and honestly, I would never used canned pumpkin ever again. Make it yourself! Here's the recipe ...


  • Preheat your oven to 200 C or Gas 6.
  • Cut your pumpkin in half, clean out the seeds. Rinse them with water, no need to dry.
  • Place both pieces face down in a big roasting pan, add about 100ml of water to the pan, just to give it a little moisture. 
  • Bake for about 40 minutes. Poke a fork in it, it should be soft. (As if you were checking a baked potato.) It depends on the size pumpkin you've used.  
  • When finished, let cool. Scrape out insides into a big bowl. Blend with a hand blender until a puree. DO NOT ADD ANYTHING TO THIS! This should be plain puree, no salt, no oil, etc. This is an ingredient for your main recipe. 
  • Make sure your puree is room temp before using in the recipe. You should not use it while it is hot. You will be mixing it with raw eggs in the recipe. Also make sure after it has sat at room temp, try to remove any puddle of moisture and water that might have gathered at the top of the puree. 


Try it out and let me know what you think. We absolutely love it and we hope you do too.

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