How to Increase Productivity in 5 Easy Steps

How to Increase Productivity in 5 Easy Steps

April 19, 2020

Don’t we all wish we could fit more into a working day? Life is busy and frantic most of the time so it’s important to manage our workload to ensure a healthy balance, improve mental wellbeing and generally live a more relaxed lifestyle.

One way we can achieve this is to improve and increase our productivity.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to work less, but achieve more?

I’m sure it’s a balance that we all strive for, but not everyone understands how to achieve it.

We have some tips and ideas on how to increase productivity, and thought you’d love to hear our 5 easy steps for making this happen.

Set Goals

This is the real biggie!! If you don't set goals, don't be surprised if you have that feeling that others around you are achieving more, or seem more driven and focused. 

Hello Day goes big on goal-setting because we know the value of working towards something you really want, the great feeling when you achieve it, or even if you don't, the value of everything you learn and achieve along the way. We have a whole other blog on 10 top tips for achieving your goals, but if you aren't setting any, now's the time to start.

They can be big goals or small goals. If you're just starting with goal setting, it's best to start smaller, but if you do want to set big goals, just make sure you break them down into smaller milestones so they don't seem too daunting from the outset.

So think about what you'd like to achieve in the next 3 months and write down your goals. Whatever that goal is, stay focused on it.

Write it down in your planner, stick it on the wall or simply say it out loud.

Having that goal will help keep your mind focused on what you need to do and help improve your overall productivity.

Identify Your Priorities

It’s very easy to fill your day, but not necessarily with the right tasks.

This is where it’s very important to identify your focus and stick to it.

We often have a to-do list so long that tasks get bumped from day to day in order manage our workload and deal with everything that crops up on a day to day basis. However if we're not careful, we don't give enough attention to the most important tasks and they end up getting bumped, which stops us from moving forwards. That's why prioritisation is so important.

We strongly recommend spending a little time thinking about your day before you jump right in to your tasks. This way you can highlight your top priorities with a clear head and set them apart as tasks that you ABSOLUTELY WILL get done, no matter what - they are strictly off the potential bump list. This way, you know you are focusing on the most important tasks that day and even if sometimes you cant get all of them done, more often than not, you will make sure you are really moving forwards.

In our Hello Day Original Planners, we have a Top To Dos section every day, so that you are encouraged to practice this on a daily basis.

Improve Time Management Strategies

Are you making the most of the time you have available? How often do you find yourself complaining of running out of time, or thinking there isn't enough time in the day?

If you think you’re not utilising time to your best advantage, it’s well worth looking at improving your time management strategies.

We’ve written about this in detail before, so do check out our other blog post.

Single Tasking

We know that many of us believe the ability to multi-task makes us a better human being!

But did you know that improving productivity relies on the ability to single-task.

It all makes excellent sense if you give it some thought. Focus on one task deeply, ignoring all others. We get so distracted nowadays with emails flying into our inboxes constantly, not to mention all the other notifications vying for our attention every other moment.

When you have a task that needs achieving, set time aside and give it all of your attention. We recommend setting one or two periods of your day that you dedicate to a single task, shutting yourself off to all distraction until the time is up. These periods are sometimes called 'Deep Work', something that Cal Newport wrote a bestseller on.

So try it. Set some time aside, switch off your phone and minimise the distractions around you. This way you focus on your task so much better.

Do one job and do it well!

Work Less

Sounds a strange tip for increasing productivity I know, but if you follow the ideas and tips above, planning and managing your time effectively to help keep you on track, you will be mastering the art of a good work/life balance, allowing you to spend less time 'working'.

Doing less will help you do more.

You’ll be more focused, less distracted and have a great chance of achieving your goals in a shorter time. You’ll find you have more free time to spend how you choose: to unwind, exercise, increase quality time with loved ones. This will in turn help your positivity and overall wellbeing which will help you approach work with a better mindset on a daily basis - it's a positive circle.

Of course, these ideas don’t only get results for your work life. They are a great way to bring calm, order and increased productivity into your whole life; both at work and home.

Hello Day Planners are designed to help you increase your productivity, as well as your positivity and overall wellbeing. 

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