Just go for it!

Just go for it!

June 06, 2018 2 Comments

We were stuck in Kuala Lumpur 3 days before our UK wedding celebration. We had family and friends flying to the UK from Ireland, Spain and the USA. But we weren't there, we were biting nails and shaking with nerves in Malaysia!

So far away, what were we going to do? 

Just try 

 Just try! Just ask!
Will they say no? Not a big deal.
Will you fail? No biggie, just get up and try again. 
What if you don't try? You will never know, right? 


Should I actually make these planners? Who would buy them? Why would anyone want a planner that I designed? 

These silly thoughts that run through our silly little minds. But if I didn't try, I would have never known that actually, this could work. And now I am so thankful for my customers who love my product - the product I designed! Little me! True & crazy fact right there! 


We were renting a house in the UK, on a street we loved with neighbours we didn't want to move away from. But we knew the owner wouldn't want to sell. But should we at least try and ask her? Guess what? She said no. Ok, moving on to other options. 

But while looking, we got a call from the owner. She said she had changed her mind and wanted to sell! Yahoo! 


So many stories to share, but 

The moral of the story is: How else would you know what could have been if you didn't just try? 



If you want to read the rest of our drama in Kuala Lumpur, read on:

So Dave had read our tickets wrong and we'd missed our flight!! He calls and asks Emirates if there are any other flights, white with panic. They said not until the following week but they would contact us if anything came up. Dave said, "ok, thank you" and hung up. I just looked at him like - "Did you seriously just hang up? Without asking if there were any other options? My parents and cousins are flying to the UK from the United States and I wont be there! ... Give me that phone!" 

Cue the quote "It never hurts to ask".

I called and I didn't let go until I got to the right person. Let me just say, I was on for a long time, but I ended up speaking to a woman (#girlpower hehe) who understood our situation and then made it her goal to solve the problem for us. She said she really shouldn't monitor the cancellations for us, as we didn't have first priority, but she was determined to get us to the UK in time for our event. 

I forgot to mention, this was our honeymoon, we had already had our first wedding int he USA. So while all of this was happening, we were sitting in our luxurious room at the Mandarin Oriental next to the Petronas Towers. We had decided to spoil ourselves on the last part of the trip, after trekking through jungles. So yes, we were confortable, BUT we were about ot check out and the hotel siad they were booked and didn't have a room for us if we had to stay another night. Oh my heart!

My faith kicked in! I had faith we were going get on a flight, I had faith in the woman that was going to call me back. But where would she call me? We didn't have a mobile phone. So I kindly asked the hotel if we could stick around to wait for the call from Emirates. - First example of "It doesn't hurt to ask" - they said yes of course, we will take your bags and you can sit by the infinity pool all day and use the spa at your leisure! ....say whaaaat? Scary situation turned into the best situation EVER! Now we just needed a flight! 

While sitting by the pool having lunch and sipping on a cocktail, a pool-side waiter comes running over with a phone is in hand, shouting Mrs. Wilson - phone call! (We still talk about this magical moment - it was bliss!) I got on the phone and they found a flight! But only for 1 person :( . So then it turned into us trying to plan, who would be the best person to take the flight? Who would stay back in Malaysia waiting? And who would fly to he UK alone? ... I was having images of walking down the aisle on my lonesome :(

Two hours later, this angelic woman called back  - she said she didn't want to get our hopes up too high but she thought she might have another seat on the same plane! And they might be next to each other. (Thank you GOD!)

Well you know how the story ends, we both got on that flight together :) We made it back to the UK, we welcomed all of our friends and family, and we partied like crazies and danced the night away! 



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July 16, 2018

That LITERALLY brought tears to my eyes!!!!!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


July 16, 2018

What a story!!!! Amazing! And it’s so true; it never hurts to try and it never hurts to ask! Thanks for that reminder! x

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