Tips for Using the New Weekly Page Layout

Tips for Using the New Weekly Page Layout

February 15, 2021

If you’ve used a Hello Day spiral planner for a few years, you’ll know that there never used to be a weekly view - we added it in 2018. Now this year we’ve given the page a little revamp - thank you to everyone who has told us they like it :) We thought it a good idea to do a short blog on why we changed this page and how you might get the most out of it.

This year we decided to add in ‘This Week’s To Dos’ & ‘Thoughtful Actions’ sections. The thinking here is that we often have a long list of things we want to do in a week, but might not know what day to do them. To save writing and re-writing tasks from day to day, we figured this the perfect place to create your weekly to do list. We also added the Thoughtful Actions section to the Original Planners as a way to add a little mindfulness to our actions for the following week - both for ourselves and those around us

Like with all pages, we try to add in some flexibility so that you can use it for however best suits your individual needs. For example, in a recent survey we found that some customers use the weekly page for the work schedule, and the daily pages for their personal schedule. Others use the weekly page mainly for meal planning, work out planning, or social media planning.

In the same survey some people said they don’t use it as they’re not sure what to use it for. There is no definitive way to use this page, but you can definitely find a purpose.

Below is how we like to use it, so we hope you find it useful and might use some of the tips yourself.


At the start of the week

  • Start the week by writing in your main tasks for the week and a main goal at the top.
  • Write in any key appointments or meetings on the left. 
  • Think about some thoughtful actions you can take to enrich your week and the week of some people around you.

  • Looking at the list, are there any you want to do on a specific day? If so, write them on that day on the left.
  • If it’s certain, write it on the day page. If not, perhaps wait until the day before in case your week changes.
  • Tip - once you’ve scheduled a task, mark it in some way, such as circling the dot next to it. This helps you visualise progress with your list before you've even completed any tasks.


At the end of each day

  • Go back to your weekly page every day when planning in your next day. Anything that you have completed, check it off so it’s clearly complete.
  • Check if you’ve pencilled something in for the next day and put it into your daily page.
  • Is there any other task from the right list that you want to put in the next day? Write it in and circle it on the right.
  • Remind yourself of your main goal at the top of the page, and of your thoughtful actions. Do you need/want to action any of those the next day?

As you work your way through the week, you'll see clearly that all of your key tasks are getting scheduled and completed. 

We find the weekly page one of the useful and most satisfying pages to look at regularly as you see a whole weekly view of productivity, positivity and habit tracking.

Make sure you use your weekly page in a way that works for you - that's the key. Leave a comment below on what you find these pages most useful for.

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